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The key to success with employee voluntary benefit plans is the enrollment process. The NCBA support program is designed around enrollment. The main elements include:

  • Section 125 Plan Considerations
    NCBA works with nursing home administration to coordinate our enrollment activities if a "FLEX Plan" is implemented. NCBA will start a FLEX Plan for employers who wish to begin one.
  • Enrollment Materials
    We design all educational and administrative materials needed for the enrollment. These are reviewed with nursing home administration for "sign off" before being used.
  • Employee Education
    Employees and their spouses are introduced to the new benefit plans in seminars that we hold at convenient times. We then meet with each employee individually to personalize the information and take applications.
  • Continuing Support
    NCBA supplies information to the HR office to be given out to new employees. We visit on a routine basis to meet with any employees interested in the benefit plans. NCBA also maintains a "HELP DESK" to answer questions over the phone.
  • Enhancements
    NCBA will propose new benefit plans for your consideration whenever appropriate

NCBA specializes in providing benefit programs to employers and associations, including:

NYSRTA - The New York State Retired Teachers Insurance Trust sponsors many benefit programs for its 28,000 members that are implemented by NCBA.

RPEA - The Retired Public Employees Association chose NCBA to provide selected benefits to its 75,000+ members.

The Hudson-Mohawk Association - This association of 20 colleges and universities has endorsed NCBA for many benefit programs; colleges such as RPI, Union, the Sages, and Regents use NCBA benefit programs.

Nursing homes may also wish to use NCBA for their needs with:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Vision / Hearing Plans

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