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Life insurance needs change as we age. NCBA's programs are focused on meeting the basic requirements faced early in careers and then concentrating on the use of life insurance products to meet the varied individual needs of employees as they mature.

We advocate the use of term insurance, both group and individual, to meet most needs during the early years when maximum insurance for minimal cost is appropriate. We provide products and programs from a variety of insurance companies to assure that the highest quality offerings are available.

Acquiring "permanent" insurance is a different strategy. Products such as "whole life" and "universal life" insurance provide significantly more benefits than just the death benefit. Our program is designed for employees who require a vehicle that will offer the following flexibility:

  • Provide a meaningful death benefit
  • Build savings at a high interest rate and on a tax-deferred basis
  • Provide loan funds at a very low net interest
  • Has portability; does not end with a change in employment
  • Can provide premium flexibility
  • Is available to family members
  • Can allow the employee to maximize their pension by taking the "0" beneficiary option
  • Can produce additional retirement income via a variety of uses of the cash value accumulation
  • We implement all of our life insurance plans on either a direct pay or payroll deduction method. Most employees prefer payroll deduction because it is more convenient and, many times, the premiums are lower.

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