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The following voluntary benefits are being offered to you by the Hudson-Mohawk Association. In most cases you may pay via direct bill or automated bank payments. Complete details will be provided after you complete the "Request Forms" for the benefit plans in which you are interested. This internet service is being provided to make your investigation as convenient as possible. Please let us know of any suggestions that would enhance this service. Thank you.

  1. Long-Term Care Insurance - Helps protect your assets and income if you need long-term care at home or in a nursing home. Plans are customized to your family's needs. You can choose a traditional policy or a "NY Partnership" plan. At least 4 colleges currently use are "Group" Plan. Also, this plan is open to parents and parents-in-laws.
  2. Home Health Care Insurance - A special plan that helps you stay in your own home if you need long-term care. (This is the most popular plan for retired teachers).
  3. Life Insurance - We have employer-paid group plans, including plans that offer employees a "Buy-Up" option,as well as individual plans. The individual plans can be term insurance,whole life or universal life insurance. Some policies can be "Family Plans."
  4. Medi-Gap Plans - Medicare supplemental insurance is important for retirees who have no plan supplied via their school.
  5. FamilyAssistNet™ - Provides guidance to pre-screened nursing homes and home care workers and a discount on services.To members and their parents.
  6. Long Term Disability Insurance- There are employer paid group plans as well as volundary plans that wrap around a group plan and can include outside sources of income.
  7. Section 125 Products- We offer a variety of "specialty" products eligible for pre-tax payroll deduction including short term disability insurance, cancer insurance, and accidental, death and dismemberment insurance.