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The savings card program provides you with discounts on health care items that are not covered by some insurance policies, including Medicare. Currently in the program are:

Prescription Drug Card
This comes in 2 styles. One can be used for mail-order purchases; the other can be used in local drug stores or mail order. These are "Family Cards".

Hearing Cards
This offers discounts on hearing aid repairs and batteries. These are "Family Cards".

Vision Card
This card provides discounts on lenses (including contacts), frames, exams and referrals for laser surgery.

This is a brief summary of coverage. Cards may not be available in all states. Refer to brochures for complete details.

Complete our Benefit Request Form for additional information regarding our benefits by Clicking Here.

After you receive your information you should call the NCBA "HELP DESK" at 1-888-376-6020 to schedule a time to review your decision and enroll in the plans.