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People have a variety of needs for life insurance so we provide several types of policies to meet these needs. Three of these plans are:

Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance - In many cases people have a desire or a need for life insurance that provides protection and cash value growth. These plans are used for, among other things, estate planning and gifting. You may choose from many options to get a plan designed specifically to meet your needs and goals.

Term Insurance - Term provides the highest amount of protection for the money. It is the right choice for growing families to have protection for a specified period of time. In general we do not advocate term insurance for retirees. However there are specific circumstances where it is advisable. For example, to protect a debt or short-term financial situation. In these cases you can choose a plan specifically designed for retirees.

Senior Simplified Plans - Often retirees need life insurance to complete their financial planning. The need may be for as little as $2500 in coverage. But they may not want to give blood & urine specimens or take a physical exam. The senior simplified plans are designed around these criteria and also provide the convenience of applying by phone! These plans were constructed mindful of persons on fixed incomes.

This is a brief summary of coverage. Policies may not be available in all states. Refer to policies for complete details.

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