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Utica National Life Insurance Company-Utica LIFE - Form 10-P-31NY

Frequently parents will look for ways to help out their children and their grandchildren. Often this assistance is financial in nature. In response to these situations, the Grandparent / Grandchild Insurance Option was recently developed. This plan is based upon a Universal Life Insurance policy. It can be designed to meet these objectives:

  • Lifetime protection for grandchildren
  • Cash value account growth
  • Only four premium payments for the grandparent (single payment annuity option)

This plan was not designed for a "minimum" premium payment. It is recommended the plan be designed for a "maximum premium payment" in order to fund a greater growth in the cash value account. This will provide significant funds for the grandchild to use towards college, a wedding, a first home, or any other need.

This is a brief summary of benefits. Complete information will be found in enrollment kit.

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