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The probability of a long-term disability between the ages of 30 and 65 is three times greater than dying prior to age 65. Two thirds of the wages lost because of disability will not be replaced by cash benefits from any source. In fact, the actual cost of a disability is much more difficult to forecast than the cost of dying.

Most employers, when analyzing the cost of their group life insurance, see very little premium volatility; this is anything but true of their Workers Comp, NYS statutory disability, or other disability insurance programs which they sponsor.

We have taken the position that disability insurance is a program that requires continual monitoring and occasional directional changes. We see the problems that occur when disability programs offered are not comprehensive - how these problems affect both the employee and the employer.

Employer provided enhancements to mandated disability programs can be very helpful. Our mission is to evaluate and propose group disability plans that are meaningful and financially viable. These include:

  • Workers Compensation options
  • NYS Statutory Disability insurance options
  • Group Short-Term Disability insurance (these usually provide a weekly benefit for the period 13 weeks to 2 years after a disability occurs)
  • Group Long-Term Disability (these usually provide a monthly benefit after a waiting period; are geared to provide about 60% of the employee's income; usually have a "cap" of $5000 per month; and usually expire at age 65)
  • Voluntary Long-Term Disability (frequently needed by Employees that have no group LTD or to supplement their Group plan with a benefit that is tax-free, portable, Removes the "cap", may provide "own occupation" Provisions, usually enhances the group "partial" Disability coverage, and may have additional Survivor benefits if the disabled employee dies)

The disability insurance industry is going through a painful retrenching as we pass through the 90's. Many insurance companies have dropped disability insurance altogether; some companies have significantly restructured their disability products. This restructuring, plus the increased incidence of employee disability, make the employer's position both tentative and expensive. Our services are designed to assist in this changing situation.