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Annuities have become increasingly popular for two reasons:

 Higher interest rates than most savings accounts.
No taxes on earned interest until it is withdrawn. 
We offer single premium and multiple premium fixed annuities. These are excellent investments for people of any age who want maximum protection/low risk of their investment.
The 4 main uses of our annuities are in these areas:
Payments into a non-qualified retirement plan. Workers who want to save for retirement with "after tax" dollars. There are no limitations to contribution amounts.
Making a single large investment. Some people are looking for a tax sheltered way to safely invest a sum of money. This money could come from an inheritance, a big bonus or commission, the sale of an asset, or even a CD.
 Distributions from qualified retirement plans. Most people don't need the money that they receive when they do their mandatory distributions after reaching age 70½. This is an excellent way to re-invest in a tax-sheltered way.
Making the IRA contributions for a working child or grand child. This is a wonderful way to help the following generation(s) get a head-start on retirement!

This is a brief summary of coverage. Annuities may not be available in all states. Refer to policies for complete details.

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